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US tempts Israel with Billions of Dollars Worth of Incentives

Newsbite: the US has offered Israel top notch fighter jets along with a guaranteed veto on any UN resolutions/intl actions that may be critical of Israel in exchange for a 3 month freeze on settlement expansion aside from East Jerusalem. Nov. 13, 2010

The ludicrousness of this proposal simply boggles my mind! Why, would any one in their right mind reward an aggressor? First of all, settlement expansion is illegal anyway you look at it. It has been condemned by intl bodies many times over. So to provide an incentives package worth billions of dollars to an entity who is audaciously breaking the law is sthg I thought the US always claims to stand against. After all, this is only a 3 month freeze we’re talking about?! What happens after the 3 months are over? Another incentive, another round of pleading to the Israelis begging them to not do what they’re not supposed to be doing in the first place?! Plus, this doesn’t even include settlement expansion thats taking place in East Jerusalem….Israel never ceases to amaze…the things that they get away with is just astonishing. And to top it all off, an Israel official yesterday was saying that rather than ponder over the details of this incentive, it must be rejected. After all, why are Palestinians being so stubborn? They need to stop being stubborn and return to the negotiating table w/o any predetermined demands! Ofcourse thats easy for the one gobbling up the sandwich that’s supposed to be negotiated over…

Until hypocrisy, double standards, blindness, and outright complicity to Israel’s apartheid state ceases, there will never be a lasting and comprehensive peace in the region.

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