I think of the HORN…

I think of the Horn…

I think of the Horn,
And I think of
Colorful histories
Inter-woven identities
Inseparable humanities
Superfluous dreams
Untold stories

I think of the Nile as it ebbs and flows
Ras Dashen as it towers over the Denakil
Assab & the shores of Mogadishu

I think of civilization
Prior to civilization
Of the bravery of warriors
Of uncrushable pride

But I also think of hunger
Hunger that has ravaged too many of our people
For far too long
Of rulers who both refuse to step down
And are unwilling to step up and be leaders

And I think of profound faith
Indomitable spirits
In the midst of unspeakable hardships

I think of unreached potential
Renewed opportunities
Of innovators & renovators
Of record makers & breakers
Of a land of poets & wordsmiths

I think of the HORN
And I think of prisms
Each angle produces a different light
Unable to be defined or confined
But always alive

The Horn is, was & will always be.

©Nebila Abdulmelik, December 5, 2011

Inspired by HORNLIGHT-for more perspectives of the Horn, or to submit your own, please go to hornlight.org or hornlight.wordpress.com

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