Ramadan – Satisfaction of My Soul

I couldn’t put it any better:

‘…fasting is about gaining a deeper awareness and mindfulness of one’s self and, in turn, the world in which one is situated. From the outside it might seem like it’s about deprivation of food and drink. But by shifting focus away from a simple satiation of my stomach and looking more towards the satisfaction of my soul, I realize that are many different ways that I can nourish myself and many different parts of me that need to be nourished that I often times neglect, my heart being a primary amongst those….’
– Imam Khalid Latif

Jumah Kareem!


I Didn’t Realize You Were a Poem

I didn’t realize you were a poem

I didn’t realize
That I could unravel your layers
With every line
That I could write you and re-write you
And you were always so forgiving
That I could mold you to my liking
And sometimes, you’d mold me to yours

I didn’t realize
That I could share you with the world
And still claim you as my own
I didn’t realize
How you so easily eased my sorrows
Just by being
That you came to define
A big part of who I am

I didn’t realize
That you enabled me to speak through silence
To see through the blind folds
To feel through the numbness

I didn’t realize
That you filled me with peace
That you helped me through today
So I could look forward to tomorrow
Propelled and not held back by yesterday

No, I didn’t realize that you were a poem.

I didn’t realize
You would sing the songs of my heart
That you could fine tune the lyrics of my soul
That you would hum the beats of my inner drums

I didn’t realize
That you could keep me grounded
That you could capture my dreams in flight
Without preventing them from flying

I didn’t realize
That you could be
Both teacher and pupil
Both pen and paper
Both earth and sky
That you could contain and liberate at the same time

No, I didn’t realize that you were a poem.

©Nebila Abdulmelik, September 2011

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