I’m nostalgic for a city
I know in my thoughts
As though my absence for over a decade
Has meant nothing
As though the characters that populate my memories
Are as I left them
Although many are long gone

The city of now is no longer as was
The present has left little to imagine of its past
Whole neighborhoods created and destroyed
Homes, his/her stories crumble with bulldozers
Giving rise to high rises

Our meetings, though frequent, are fleeting
I am yet to acquaint myself with what you’ve become
To relearn who you were
And who I was with you

I fear feeling unhome at home
Of feeling more comfort in places that are not

Is it possible to be outside one’s own world?
Or perhaps it was never mine to claim?
Perhaps notions of home and world wax and wane and take on meanings of their own?

New flower, I wonder if I will grow old with you…or if you will age with me


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  1. Omar A Yosuf
    Jun 10, 2015 @ 20:59:50

    Hey Nebu, your article really hit home, when eloquently expressed the feeling you felt. while reading it, I put myself in your shoes and began visualising your feelings. actually frightened me to think of the prospect of finding myself an alien in a country I was born and bred. if, and when, I go HOME for the first time after three decades of absence seems intolerable. Bearing in mind i used to think and believe three decade ago that I know Ethiopia, particularly Addis,like the palm of my hand. To think otherwise is really hard to swallow. Only time will tell of my reaction.


    • Nebila Abdulmelik
      Jun 11, 2015 @ 11:42:22

      Not if, Ezair Omar, when you come Insha’Allah. Addis has radically changed but I pray you’ll find remnants that you recognize and relate to or will grow to love the new aspects. I want to get to know the Addis you knew…read your palm…:)


  2. Omar A Yosuf
    Jun 11, 2015 @ 15:57:16

    Yes Neb, Insha Allah WHEN I GO. (if is out of the equation). I hope I will find Addis hospitable and pleasant enough to make one stay longer than planned. I may not have many friends left there, my yearning mainly is for family, the family that shrank in numbers over the years and blissfully replaced by a new generation of adorable ones. You loose some you win some. That’s life.


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