We must diversify our vocabularies
Rid them of the lol’s, ums, omgs, likes
That seem to punctuate our every conversations
Rid ourselves of the letters
Followed by asterisks
And if televised, by bleep sounds

We must build our language
So it speaks volumes
Even when no sound escapes our lips

We must speak so no translator is required
To bridge the gaps between generations
Create language that doesn’t fade with fashion
But remains relevant through space and time

Our language
Is in our gestures
Our pitch
The curve of our eyes and the twitch of our lips
In our touch, or lack of
In our expressions we so readily wear on our sleeves

It’s in our arched brows
Our raised fists
In our slumped shoulders
Our bowed heads
Our unkempt hair, or lack of

In our tucked-in bellies
And four-inch heels
In our designer jeans
And knock-off shirts

It’s in our glances
Our stances

And sometimes, it’s in the words we speak.


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