Paying Tribute to the Prince


THIS DAY IN HISTORY |  four years ago today (June 25, 2009), the legend that is Michael Jackson passed away. MJ was, I want to say, as popular as Coca-Cola – his posters and images could be found in even the remotest of places.

Four years ago today I actually remember driving out of UCLA on a Friday afternoon – seeing all this commotion and media outside of the UCLA hospital – and I had no idea what was going on. A friend I saw on the sidewalk yelled that Michael had been taken to the hospital and was being reported dead…

I immediately tuned to the LA radio stations – and some (I particularly remember KJLH) saying that they didn’t want to speculate and were respecting the Jackson family while others (KISS) were already reporting him gone….but all were paying tribute by playing his endless jams.

Regardless of who you think MJ was or what he did, no-one can deny the effect he had on people across the globe, in all four corners – with his unique music style and dance moves.

He is unparalleled – and his legacy lives on in more ways than one.

Paying tribute to the legend, the #PrinceofPop.

One of my favorite tunes: YOU ROCK MY WORLD


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