Letters to My Unborn Child

This is exactly what my sister did. She wrote letters to her unborn child. Ok, well not letters. The new age equivalent. She opened up an email account for the fetus in her belly who was yet to see the world for another 16 weeks or so. It wasn’t her original idea. Perhaps Tupac instigated it all with his touching song by the same name. All the same, I thought it was genius. As aunties, we also had a chance to write emails to our future niece. Blue Ivy may be the youngest baby on a record, but I don’t think the proud parents Jay & B thought this up. Nia should be in the Guiness World Book of Records for the youngest person ever to have an email account! Blue Ivy got nothing on you Nia!

I can only imagine how Nia will feel 10-20 years from now reading all of these accounts from the time she was still comfortable and cosy in her momma’s belly.

This has a lesson for us all. Why do we wait until our children are ready to enter college before we open up a savings account for them or begin to panic about school fees? Why not start as soon as they are born? Or even before. A small deduction on a monthly basis goes a long way, regardless of how much one earns. Especially considering that the money will most probably be spent frivolously anyways… Why not put all the money that would’ve been spent on a first birthday extravaganza, for instance, into their account? After all, they’re not even old enough to remember.

Why do we wait until someone’s time on this earth is up before we buy flowers for them? Why not surprise loved ones with flowers while they are still alive? What will the flowers do for them six feet under?

If we are to progress, we need to be forward-looking. Plan for tomorrow so that if we live to see it, we’re well ahead of the game. As Malcolm X said, “The passport to the future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Of course, in doing so, we can’t ever forget to live in the moment.

Let me leave you with Tupac’s, “Letter to My Unborn Child”


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  1. Ndanu
    Mar 01, 2012 @ 17:48:34

    Nia tops!:-)


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