You Need Your Butt To Walk!

I am sitting watching cartoons with an adorable three year old. According to me, the most adorable lil thing in the world. She turns to me, and simply states: “I don’t need any help watching TV.”

Dumbfounded, I remain silent. Kids these days, disrepecting their elders like that! That would never have been tolerated in my day…She looks at me again, waiting for me to leave the room.

“Ok, ok..I’m leaving..” I say still seated.

She turns to me and matter of factly states the obvious, “you need your feet to walk”.

Yes, thank you very much ms. smarty pants!

The scene is repeated another day. This time, I think I can outwit her and still seated, stomp my feet as though I’m walking.

Unamused, she turns to me and tells me, “You need your butt to walk!”

At this point I simply die with laughter. What would this world be without cute, adorable, but smart, sassy, wise-beyond-their age, smarty pants and smart allicky kids? Boring.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ndanu
    Feb 25, 2012 @ 10:54:40

    Only a three year old! Unparalleled wisdom!;-)


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