Feb 20, 2000. 12 yrs on, and your legacy still lives on dearest daddy. You were the best example of what a father should be, and we will leave this earth better, stronger, more noble because of it. You’re missed more than words can express, but you are forever alive in our hearts, thoughts & prayers. May you rest in peace, and your soul at ease. May you rest in paradise ‘surrounded by the fragrance and light of jennah’.

It is said that ‘there are different wells within your heart, some fill with each good rain, others are far too deep for that’ (Hafiz) And though this empty well that you’ve left behind can never be filled, we rejoice that you were here to leave it.

The following peace was written at least 15 yrs ago but remains timeless. It was a girls portrait painting of her beloved daddy.

by Semiha Abdulmelik

Looking into those sad
haunting eyes,
the dark steel pose,
the proud tilt of the chin,
like a

As we talk, I see a metamorphosis,
Those sad eyes have become
Brown twinkles in an expanse of white,
the face softens, the closed lips open
to a charming boyish smile showing




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