Tribute to X

Feb 21, 1965 47 yrs on but your legacy lives on.
Tribute to the man amidst the men-the man who spoke truth, regardless of the consequences.

I am a man amidst the men
The personification of black pride
And the heights to which people can rise
I was and still am
One of the most misinterpreted and misunderstood
People of my time
I present to you
One of the most fascinating and personal histories
Of the 20th century

I am
Unapologetically bold and brazen
Uncompromising in my values
Unwavering in the truth I speak
I say it like it is
After all,
Truth is truth

I was schooled on the streets
Locked up but liberated
Physically incarcerated but mentally emancipated
And then proceeded to school the streets

My thirst for knowledge, wisdom & understanding
Can never be quenched
I demand, first & foremost
Human rights, not civil rights
I don’t beg for respect, I command it
I could start or stop a riot

Rather than mold myself to the world,
I mold the world to myself
I refuse to settle for status quo
The constant exploitation and degradation of my people
I strive tirelessly
For the betterment & empowerment
Of the black race but for humanity as a whole

“I have had enough of someone else’s propaganda
I’m for truth
No matter who speaks it
I’m for justice
No matter who it is for or against
I’m a human being and as such-
I’m for whatever and whoever will benefit humanity as a whole”

I’m convinced ill make progress
Or I’ll die trying
I prefer to die on my feet
Rather than live on my knees
If I can die having brought any light
It is due to ALLAH
Only the mistakes have been mine

And who am I?
I am El Hajj Malik El Shabazz
I am Malcolm X!


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