I Never Understood

I Never Understood…

  • Why people hold others to higher standards than they hold themselves
  • The insistence on separating North Africa from the rest of the continent…the geography speaks for itself.
  • The need to use the term “tribe” or “black Africans” what does that mean anyway and where is the line drawn?
  • The unequivocal, unconditional, and blind support for Israel, as it carries out state terrorism unapologetically and systematically
  • Why people are so eager to spend money they don’t have.
  • Why we complain about dirty neighborhoods when we keep throwing trash on our streets
  • Why people who believe so wholeheartedly in their faith find it so hard to comprehend that so do you.
  • Why people lump an entire continent of over 50 nations into one…mentioning specific cities such as LA in the same breath as the entire continent of Africa..
  • The logic behind thongs
  • The obsession with “lol”or “omg” or “rofl” but most of all “lol”
  • The wanton consumption of alcohol
  • The obsession with diamonds-they’re overrated and overpriced, not to mention that a big number are tainted with blood
  • Why people go into debt over a fairy-tale wedding…it will all pass in less than 24 hours
  • Why we pour so much time, energy, money and soul into the wedding ceremony and forget about the “ever after” marriage
  • Why undemocratic nations make it a point to call themselves the “democratic republic of”
  • Why people wear fur boots and mini skirts. Surely if your feet are cold, then so are your bare legs!
  • How the students on financial aid are the ones sporting the most expensive shoes
  • How people find it acceptable to use restrooms and leave without washing their hands!
  • Why people would rather make something up than tell you they simply don’t know
  • Why people complain about dwindling privacy and omnipresent cameras and yet disclose their precise whereabouts and personal info freely on social media sites
  • Why we save our best for guests who hardly come visiting
  • Why people answer the phone when they’re unavailable to speak (such as in meetings, or on the other line), only to tell the caller that they’re unavailable at the moment. Why not simply let the call go and call back when you are?
  • Why people call insessantly? Two missed calls should be indication enough that either the person is unavailable at the moment or doesn’t want to take your call. Either way, calling more frequently won’t change those factors, in fact it may heighten them!
  • How some find pleasure in the pain and at the cost of others
  • Why judges give sentences of over 100 years…why not simply say LIFE?? We’re obviously not going to be around long enough  to carry out a sentence of 150 years or beyond!
  • Why we keep using the term “n*****” imposed on us by slave masters to make us feel worthless and good-for-nothing scumbags
  • How we can expect others to respect us when we don’t respect ourselves enough to respect those around us
  • Why we ask the ALMIGHTY to guide our steps when we’re not prepared to move our feet

I never understood & may never will….


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fungai
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 15:33:42

    this is brilliant you are agenius


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