Excerpts from The Brethren of Ng’ondu

Excerpts from The Brethren of Ng’ondu
Martin Njaga

Applause rang out-either in appreciation of the talk…or in celebration of the end of an ordeal.

..underlining that it was better to be married to an alcoholic than to be a widow.

..she was captivating. It took Kimando few seconds to realize that it was because of her posture-erect and confident, and her bold, engaging eyes. She had the air of one who understood both her strengths and failings, and was proud of herself anyway.

“God never neglects his dedicated servants.”

“I do more than just drink,” growled Kimando.
Waweru grinned even more broadly. “I know. There are other things you do…like smoke bhangi, and when time allows, you chase village girls who won’t talk to you.”

“You, my friend, live in a most complicated world…You meet a girl for the first time and the first thought that comes to your mind is that she could be a liar!”

“You think you are smarter than us..You think that just because you come from the city you can come and sit on our heads?”
“On the contrary, it is you who thinks you know everything. That’s why you dismiss anything you don’t understand.”

“Lucy killed herself because of a mere insult?”
“Insults mean more when they come from someone close to us. Imagine if I called you a prostitute?”
“I would not hang myself. Maybe I’d hang you!”

“They hated me from the beginning. You just gave them an excuse to do something about it…Mureithi is a bad person. Someone must stand up to him otherwise he will walk over people’s heads with his arrogance.”

Mukami was furious at men like Mureithi and Ngendo’s father who demanded perfection from everyone except themselves.

How tragic, thought Mukami, that this poor girl thought abortion was just a matter of removing an unwanted lump from her belly.

In other words, thought Mukami bitterly, even the devil has his uses..

“Nowadays I attend church more often than the Vicar himself! One of these days I might just become one.”

It was not difficult to find Chege, Kimando’s abortionist….Mukami wondered how many desperate girls fleeing the wrath of an unforgiving village had intercepted him on the same dusty spot before.


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