Quarter of a Century

Quarter of a Century

Today marks my quarter of a century on this earth. And I feel blessed. Though it’s often taken for granted, I try to be conscious and remember to thank the ALMIGHTY for another day, and ask HIM to keep the blessings coming and help me to find my way as I rise every morning, and as I lay to sleep every night. A quarter of a century is no joke, and I feel blessed with health, with sight, with a satiated belly, for my clothed body, for the roof over my head, for warmth on a cold day, for the breeze on a warm day among many other things, not least for the love and support of dear ones and the opportunities each day presents.

In reflection of the 25 yrs I’ve been alive, I have 25 goals for the rest of my life…however long that may be. And as my dear Daddy used to say, may his soul rest in peace, “may we be of tomorrow’s people”.

1. Have faith, in the MOST HIGH first and foremost
2. Be happy
3. Be content
4. Be kind, even to animals
5. Be ambitious
6. Be innovative & progressive
7. Don’t compromise on your values
8. Follow through with commitments, keep your word
9. Don’t make excuses for not reaching your goals
10. Make time & space for the people and things you enjoy & love
11. Add love & passion to all you do-this makes all the difference and is a key ingredient
12. Don’t wait for later, or tomorrow-neither may come
13. Take chances-nothing great ever happened without risks
14. Don’t let opportunities pass you by-they may never come your way again
15. Be true, to yourself first and foremost
16. Seek knowledge, everyday
17. Follow your instincts
18. Be confident but humble
19. Have respect, not least to the earth
20. Love unconditionally, yourself first and foremost
21. Believe in the beauty of your dreams , believe that the only limits are those you set for yourself
22. Be appreciative, even of the little things, such as the songs of birds
23. Be conscious, of your thoughts, your words, your deeds
24. Be the best you can be, in all you do
25. Fear nothing but GOD

All in all, live your life in such a way, that at the end of it all, you have no regrets, and you’re ready to meet your maker with a clear conscience. Leave behind a legacy for future generations so that when you die, they can say that you have truly lived!


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