Student of life, seeker of knowledge

I met a man who told me, among numerous other things, that he was a student of life, a seeker of knowledge….apparently this man speaks 7 languages, all of them self-taught, among which is Amharic. He demonstrated that he could write his name in Ge’ez, which is not an easy task considering the Ge’ez alphabet contains numerous letters, and variations of each letter family…he found a contradiction in my having been an ethiopian woman who went to school at UCLA, he was convinced as well that he was the most intelligent man on this earth which was why the US in particular, and the West in general was out to kill him, that Idi Amin was in fact not the treacherous tyrant that he was made out to be…this man could easily be dismissed as being crazy and paranoid, as were many of the geniuses and pioneers in history simply because people didn’t understand them. In some ways, they were too intelligent for their own good…which I think was the case with this man…. Despite not having finished high school, you understood that he was an intellectual, more intellectual than most with second or third college degrees, he was a man thirsty for knowledge, and able to distinguish b/n knowledge, understanding, and wisdom….although I didn’t agree with many things he said, he left me yearning to be what we all should aspire to be: STUDENTS OF LIFE & SEEKERS OF KNOWLEDGE


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  1. guramayle
    Nov 16, 2010 @ 18:58:15

    Great story Konjiye! Keep it going. I think you will be writing a book soon!!!


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